Website Hosting

The University of Missouri is in the process of moving its website hosting from local servers to cloud-based PaaS (Platform as a Service) infrastructure. Using cloud-based hosting allows the univsersity to provide a consistent, highly available and responsive website hosting environment. Once all websites hosted by the Division of IT are migrated to the cloud, the DoIT Web Hosting service will be decommissioned.

CMS Hosting The university has standardized on Drupal and WordPress for websites that require a content management system. Our provider for CMS websites is Hosting Drupal and WordPress websites on will require web developers and programmers to use standard tools and workflows.

To gain a fuller understanding of the workflows that relies upon, please see their online doucmentation:

Structure and Building and Deploying Applications

Static HTML Hosting Some websites are so simple or do not change often enough to require the use of a content management system (CMS) to maintain them. For these types of websites, the university offers static HTML website hosting on Amazon Web Services using S3 (Simple Storage Service). Refer to the documentation about Static HTML in the Website Maintenance section.

What's Next In the Getting Started section, you will be introduced to the tools and process you are required to employ for websites hosted on

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