Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a DAM?

  • Access to approved and curated digital assets for all official University communications and marketing activities.
  • Accurate and fast search to find digital assets. No more looking through directories of files on file servers and local disks to find hat you need.
  • Enforce identity/brand standards - a one-stop shop to find the latest logos, pictures and other assets you need to create your marketing and communications materials.
  • Workflow for photographers and videographers to manage official University assets in an effective and efficient manner.

Who can add assets?

The DAM system has several levels of user rights which are used to grant access to assets for various purposes: upload, download, tag, edit/crop, etc... In general, departmental DAM administrators and photographers/videographers will add the most assets to the system.

Who can download and use assets?

Most assets in the system will be available to all users to download once they are uploaded, tagged and published in the DAM. However, there may be special asset types that are restricted for use by smaller groups of users. You will only see and be able to search for assets you have permissions to view or download.

Is there a cost to use the DAM?

The DAM is available for campus use at no charge. Departments can add assets to the DAM that are shared with the campus community for the creation of marketing and communications materials. If a department desires to add assets which are restricted in use, they will need to assist in purchasing additional file storage. Please contact for a consultation.

Does the DAM integrate with other Mizzou systems?

MerlinOne has integration for Adobe PhotoShop, Drupal and WordPress. Please contact for more information.

Where do I log in to the DAM?

You can login to the Digital Asset Management system by going to If you do not have access to MerlinOne you will see a prompted to contact or (573) 884-6476 to request access.

Is there more documentation I can read?

MerlinOne provides a Quick Start Guide and a Tutorial for the system. In addition, our contract entitles us to unlimited online training which we can arrange for you and your users.

When can I start using the DAM?

The MerlinOne implementation process started in October 2018 and is expected to take two or three months. We will announce the availability of the system and schedule training events as soon as we know a go-live date.

How do I get more information? or (573) 884-6476

Who do I contact if I am having problems? or (573) 884-6476

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